Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do You Offer Free Quotes?

A. Yes All Our Quotation Are Free Of Charge And Are Valid For 90 Working Days From The Date Of Issue

Q. Will Colour Of My Car Be The Same?

A.  Yes , We Use Computerised Colour Matching System As Per Vehicle Manufactures' Colour Code Making Sure We Have The Same Colour For Your Car.

Q. What Is The Time Frame For Repairs?

A. All Minor Repairs Are Repaired Within 3 Working Days. However Major Accident Repairs Depends With Damages On The Car But However The Work Will Be Done In A Reasonable Time Frame Of Not More Than 31 Working Days

Q. Do You Do House Calls?

A. Yes. We Also Do Mobile Work If The Client Requests For Mobile Work. Our Specialised Mobile Dent Repair Units  Covers All Areas In Cape Town.

Q. Do You Only Work With Insurance Companies?

A. We Work On Both Insurance & Non Insurance Work

Still Not Answerd?

Contact Us With Your Inquires And We Will Gladly Assist You.